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The Sierra Nevada Límite GRAN FONDO is one of the most emblematic cycling races in the national calendar for many reasons, the main one being the finish at the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort at an altitude of 2100 meters. 

With a spectacular route through the province of Granada, the Sierra Nevada Límite GRAN FONDO offers a unique cycling experience for all cycling lovers. 

The route of the SNL-Gran Fondo starts at 7:30 am from the town of Cenes de la Vega and ends in Pradollano (Sierra Nevada, Monachil).

The municipalities of passage are: Cenes de la Vega - Granada - Huetor Vega - Monachil - Pinos Genil - Quéntar - La Peza - Los Baños - Purullena - Lopera - La Peza - Quéntar - Pinos Genil - La Sabinas - Pradollano (Sierra Nevada, Monachil).


146km - 3900m+


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